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[Review] Across Eternity by Aris Whittier + Contest

Across Eternity

by Aris Whittier
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Born a genius; education, wealth, and prestige came easy to Logan Richards. Actually, there wasn’t much that Logan couldn’t learn or acquire. However, he knew there was more to life than money and power. Logan was determined to find the woman who he'd dreamed of his entire life and know what it was like to love her before he died.

Amber Lewis, a waitress for a five-star restaurant in, Dana Point, California, was overworked, stressed, and wary of life since her sister, Heather, had passed away. Then, one evening while working she fell hopelessly in love with Logan Richards, a chivalrous man who felt deeply familiar.

For Amber, it was the beginning of a voyage of self-discovery and renewal. For Logan, it was the completion of life. For each of them it was the deepest sort of love.

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My Thoughts?

Across Eternity had a beautiful story. I had to admit that I did cry because of it.

The story started so normally. But then there are always mysteries at the beginning. You know there’s something to look forward to.

The story is about two people who had loved each other in every lifetime they get. They are bound together through eternity.

And it does sound so sweet to me. I mean it’s the two of them not just for a lifetime but for eternity. So when the story progressed, I was hoping for a reliving of their past lives. And I got it only not to the extent in which I also wished that their past has some kind of life changing pattern to make it more interesting. I would’ve really liked it.

But still, when I think about it, their lives were pretty together. I felt the happiness. Only it hurt me when it ended. I couldn’t help it. I’m always a sucker for such an ending. When I think about it, it did make me feel sad.

 It’s a lovely story.



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  1. The thing with bittersweet love stories is that I'm always torn between knowing it's going to be heartwrenching thus keeping away and wanting to know about the couple's story. The latter always wins.


  2. Would love to win!!! :D

  3. I would love to read this book. Thank you for sharing your review and the giveaway opportunity.


  4. You made tears come to my eyes just reading your review. I would probably bawl for sure:) Thanks for giveaway.


  5. I would love to win a copy of this book. A good cry is cleansing, don't you think? Thanks for a great review :)

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  6. uhm... can I join?
    this is my e-mail address: @

  7. I have to be in the mood for this kind of emotional story, but I do like them. Thanks for sharing your review!


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