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[Blog Tour] The Weeping by O'dell Hutchison Review + Character Interview

The Weeping
by O'dell Hutchison
Publication Date: March 6, 2012
Published  by: H,C & B Publishing
Source: Jodie of HCB Publishing
Twenty years ago, Catherine Whitley was the victim of a horrible crime. Betrayed by her friends, including the boy she loved, she was left to die when the Rock Harbor Opera House caught fire, taking a disturbing secret with her to her grave.

Seventeen-year-old Heath Ingram was driving the night his Jeep careened off the road, killing three of his closest friends. Once a popular, outgoing athlete, Heath now suffers from severe depression and crippling anxiety. His parents decide to send him to stay with his uncle in Rock Harbor, Oregon for the summer, praying that by getting away he will be able to put this awful tragedy behind him.

When Heath starts working at the newly renovated Rock Harbor Opera House, he meets Molly, a young dancer who awakens in him a desire to start over and move on. But, when he begins having visions of a half-burned girl in a white dress, he starts to think he may be slipping even further over the edge.

As the apparent hauntings become more intense, Heath begins to fear for his safety. With the help of his friend Josie, Heath discovers an unsettling secret that ties the mysterious girl to both their families. When two of their friends die unexpectedly, Josie and Heath realize that something, or someone, is after the children of those who wronged Catherine, and they are next.
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The Weeping by O'Dell Hutchison is a very surprising read, I never thought I would like this book to be honest because the prologue didn’t do much justice for me but then when I started reading the first chapter it’s a done deal. I think O’dell has this perspective to haunt his readers and I just want to say that it was delivered completely! I was utterly scared which doesn’t normally happens to me while reading a book. The book was written in a male’s POV and I find it good, I think Hutchison did a great job writing it. The transition of the book was also a great plus, it’s not slow and not that fast. I find it passive that I think every reader will enjoy. In terms of the story, oh man I just love it! It has the twist and turns that you won’t be expecting or rather it was gradually plotted that you won’t even guess it until it hits you at the very end. The writing style for me was just fluid, it has the consistency that I’m looking for in a book. But one thing I just notice that the author uses the word “stumble” in a repetitive way which I find annoying.

Heath the protagonist is what I can say a very disturbed person at the start but gradually became the character that he is. The story opens up with Heath having mental problems. He just went through a traumatic experience which caused him to be limp and have anxiety attacks. He blames himself for the death of his friends. He went to Rock Harbor to have a breath of fresh air, his parents thinking that it might help him recover. He joined the helps his Uncle Vic to open the opera house but little did he know it is being haunted by Catherine Whitley. He started to hear voices that only he can hear; he dreams of a woman and sleepwalks at night. He didn’t know that Catherine was connected to his father and thus Catherine haunting him for this. The story unfolds with Heath wanting to know what his connection with Catherine is and what his father has to do with Catherine’s death. All the supporting character seems very likeable and contributed to make the whole story. I just found “Jag” very annoying which I think the author made justice since to this very annoying character.

Cover wise it looks good… but I don’t think I’ll buy this book at first glance. I do look at the cover of the book when I buy them so far I’m not really into this cover though after reading the book I think I knew the inspiration behind it.

Overall the book was a just a big surprise with the twist and turns that will hit you right when it was revealed. If you have the taste for mystery I dearly recommend you this book. You are in for a good fright on this book. The author made it clear that he intends his reader to be scared right on the very beginning and he did an awesome job doing it. I was just kind of disappointed with the end. You know that thing when a story climaxed and you want a good ending? Well I was left hanging! I really wanted more but I guess it’s the ending that the author wanted. I suggest this for you to read because it was a great read, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Make sure to read it because it’s worth the shot.


O'Dell Hutchison was born in a small rural town in Idaho. After attending college in the Pacific northwest, he found his way to the Houston area in 1997. He currently lives in Katy, TX with his dog, Gia. By day, he is a Business Systems Analyst. In his free time, he tries (and fails) to work out regularly and eat healthy. He also acts and directs at various theaters around Houston.


Hi Molly! Thank you for dropping by here at We Fancy Books and allowing us to do an Interview with you.

Hi there. This is kind of cool, I’ve never been interviewed before. Thanks for having me!

First off, how are you doing today?

I’m really tired right now. I’m in rehearsals for Chicago. We open in a few days, and we’ve been rehearsing eight to ten hours a day. It’s crazy.

Can you give us a little background about you?

Well, let’s see. I’m from Portland, OR. My parents died when I was a sophomore, so I live with my grandmother. I just graduated high school, and I plan to attend Oregon State in the fall.

How is it going with you and Heath lately?

It’s okay. *blushing*

Wait, how did you know about that? Did Patrice say something? I swear that girl can’t keep her mouth shut. I’m going to have to talk to her about this. Heath’s cool. He seems like a nice guy. Do you like him? If so what qualities do you like about him?

Describe Heath in Three words.




What do you think Heath feels about you?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve only known him a week or so. We’ve hung out a few times. I want to think there’s an interest there; I’m just not sure. He’s kind of detached, ya know?

What made you realize that you love to be on stage?

I was in a production of Oliver when I was eight. I played one of the orphans. It was so much fun. Singing. Dancing. I loved it so much my mom put me in dance and singing lessons.

Who or What inspired you to be a dancer?

My mom and dad used to take me to New York every year around Thanksgiving and we would see tons of Broadway shows. I knew after seeing the first show that I wanted to be on stage.

If you’re given a chance to work with Heath on a Play, what do you think is the perfect role for him and you? What story or play would it be?

Well, I tend to gravitate toward musicals, though I have done quite a few straight plays. Vic, Heath’s uncle, is the owner of the theater I’m working at this summer and he’s asked me to audition for the next show which is Our Town. It’s a classic. I’m hoping to be cast as Emily. I’d love for Heath to audition and play George, but he refuses. He says he doesn’t act. (He’s a sports guy). I think it would be awesome to play Mimi in RENT and for Heath to play Roger. I don’t know if he can sing, though.

I heard that Rock Harbor Theater is hunted by the ghost of Catherine. Do you believe in ghosts?

Ya know, I’d heard that a girl died there when the old Rock Harbor Opera House burned down. I just figured all of the talk about a ghost was just a rumor. I mean, it’s been twenty years. But, last night something happened that totally changed my mind. There’s definitely something there.

Is there anything you like to add? Please do invite our readers to read The Weeping.

Thank you so much for having me. This was tons of fun. I hope everyone checks out The Weeping when it comes out on March 6! It’s a heck of a ride.


I received a review copy from HCB Publishing for a blog tour and it has affected my review in any way.


  1. This one sounds GOOD. I love haunting, creepy books, and the way you describe the twists and turns makes me REALLY want to snag a copy of this one! Plus I love broken guy characters. :D

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

    1. It is indeed creepy! I really love how this book scared the crap out of me which rarely happens. You should definitely read this one ;) Thanks for dropping by Moli!

  2. Thanks for participating in the tour, Jay!

  3. Molly sounds so sweet! And shy!

    From what I've seen of Heath, she's perfect for him.

    Thanks for the interview!

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..


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