Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lauren Oliver Philippines Book Signing Event!

I know it's really late but I've been hold up with all the school stuff so I'm going to post this now and tell you about my experience in meeting Lauren Oliver, the New York Times Bestselling Author of Before I Fall.

Hmm how do I start this...

The moment National Bookstore announced that they'll be bringing Lauren Oliver in the Philippines for a Book Signing I was literally excited! I've read Delirium last year when it was released and I love it, like really really love it and now that the second book (Pandemonium) is released and the author is going to have a signing here I was excited to meet her!

(taken from National Bookstore Facebook Page)

The signing was held at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 and can I just say how jam packed the event is? here's a picture courtesy of National Bookstore.

(taken from National Bookstore Facebook Page)

The event started a little bit late but we were there early because we didn't want to get late for the registration which started at 1pm. It was worth the wait, I even got to meet Kai @ Amaterasu Reads, Precious @ Fragments of Life, Louisse @ The Soul Sisters and Dea @ Teen Readers Diary.

( Me, Precious, Kai and Dea)

The event started and Lauren answers some questions regarding Delirium, Pandemonium, Before I Fall, Liesl and Po and a future book! I really wished that National Bookstore would upload the video of the Interview but until now I haven't seen any... though Kai @ Amaterasu Reads did some live tweeting of the event so here are some of her tweets!

Now tell me you're not excited with Panic? and for some additional info Lauren said that on the way to the signing she was reading the script for Delirium! So are we expecting some casting news soon? Well I hope so...

(Lauren signing books c/o Jayjay)

The event was really great and had so much fun, it was a first time experience and I definitely had a great time. Big Thanks to National Bookstore and Powerbooks for organizing this event! I do hope you get to bring Cassandra Clare next or even Suzanne Collins! haha well we can all hope!

Lauren left a little message for her Filipino fans!

I do hope she comes back for Requiem!


  1. That's so awesome! I'm glad you got to go! Wow, 2 points of view for Requiem sounds exciting! <3

    1. It was an awesome experience! Lauren was really sweet! I need to read Pandemonium soon.


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