Sunday, May 27, 2012

The E-Book Nation Infographics

ePublishing is really popular these days with the ever growing technology that we have people who reads eBooks is definitely getting high over the years. Here's a cool infographics for you:

E-book Nation
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"Americans prefer e-books when they want a book quickly and are on the move, but they say printed books are better when it comes to reading with children and sharing"

eBooks are definitely a go to when you're on the go, as much as eBooks are getting popular you can never really replace the enjoyment of a real book. Both have their perks but I think in terms of accessibility I would definitely go for eBooks.

Do you read eBooks? What eReader/s do you own? Do you think that eBooks will replace the customary books we have today? Share us your thoughts.

credits to Reading Diva


  1. That's really interesting! I didn't know that many people used eReaders.

    Now to answer your questions:
    I do read eBooks, and I have a Kindle. I don't think eReaders will replace books because so many people still go out and buy books it might not be as many as a few years ago, but there is still a significant amount.

    1. eBooks is getting popular each day and people who reads on eReaders is quite high too. I think there is a news somewhere (don't quote on me on this) that publishers are planning to do eBooks exclusive books to boost the sales of eBooks. I also love the feel of books as well but you can't hid the fact that people who have reads eBooks on eReaders are getting high.

  2. I resisted buying a Kindle but now prefer it to paper. Much more convenient and dangerously easy to buy the next book!

    1. Getting an eReader is a very good investment. But I prefer a real book than an eReader still.

  3. I much prefer a real book but I did get a kindle fire. This way I can read books on it but don't feel guilty if I don't use it often for reading because I can use it for so much else (like reading this post!). I actually do read on it more than I thought I would though. When you cant read ebooks you miss out on a lot of great books!


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