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#ArmchairBEA Ask The Expert

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Last day of ArmchairBEA today and I can't believe it's really over. It's been a blast participating in this awesome event. Thank you guys for all the comments and honest opinion. For the last time you can say hi to me in my Introduction post. There's an on going Best of 2012 Giveaway, my Networking in Real Life and Beyond the Blog.

Today's topic is Ask The Experts.

I'm here to give tips and ask questions as well. I am no perfect and this is only based on what I experienced through my 1 year of blogging.

If you've been around the blogosphere for quite sometime I bet you know who Parajunkee is. She has this BB101 (Book Blogger 101) post where she answers all questions pertaining to blogging and I find it really useful. I think I've been a fan of hers since I started blogging and I've learned quite a few tricks for her.


1. Be yourself.

Be the blogger you want to be, you blog is your personal space and I think it only shows when you're being yourself. Just do what you think is best for your blog without compromising your integrity. I don't know if you know about the plagiarism issue but it is not good and should not be tolerated. Just find your strengths and I'm sure you'll go a long way.

2. Writing Reviews.

I started with my reviews all over the place and with all over the place I mean very bipolarish. Believe it or not I started doing a one paragraph review which looks like a big chuck of blabbing words. But eventually I found my pattern which I can say is effective enough. So here's the tip, start with a one liner. I do it to catch the attention of my readers. Then followed by the Plot then the characters then the cover then my over all impression.


1. Do you write bad reviews?

I hate writing bad reviews but I think voicing out your opinion is definitely a good exercise of freedom of speech.

I think that is all for now.

Blogging is such a great experience as well as voicing out your opinion. I hope learn something from this post at least. There are based on my experiences and I think it's safe to say that experience is a great teacher.

Big Thanks to ArmchairBEA and it's organizer for this successful event! I hope to join again next year :)

That's a wrap for ArmchairBEA this year, I hope you had fun as much as I did. Make sure to comment your link so we could drop by.


  1. I don't think of them as negative reviews, but honest reviews. You can't rave about everything if you don't like everything. But be respectful, and support your less-than-enthusiastic opinion with an example from the book. Don't like the dialogue? Give readers a sample of an awkward line. And critique the work; don't make personal attacks on the author.

    I've had readers tell me they appreciate it when bloggers write a wide range of reviews. They say they don't bother reading reviews by someone who writes only positive ones, because they already know the blogger will say he/she liked the book!

    1. this is very helpful for me as i've tended to avoid the negatives of the book in my review, but seriously have had a toughtime with some books received.. and it's hard when the author is expecting to hear raving and faving !

  2. BE yourself!! Definitely!!!
    I can't believe it took the ArmchairBEA to get here to the blog while I've always been a fan on facebook, I think that was epic-est of all fails!! bwahahahaha

    So excited I took part of this!!!
    Oh!! Rachel@PJ rocks :D I found out about her just this year!! hehehe it's kind of embarrassing but yeap... I FINALLY got over my shyness and decided to find out what all the PJ was about hehehehe

    I hope I start to stalk the blog as well as the FB page now!!

    Here's my ABEA for today! You're welcome to stalk->

  3. Great post and tips! thanks for sharing :) No truer words than BE YOURSELF :) it's your own blog, your own place to write what you want etc. I never see reviews as 'bad', i believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to reviews- as it's people's own blog then they should document the review how they feel is right for them. Some people do it just as a record for myself. If the review is HONEST then that's the important thing.

    I often think my reviews are rubbish but people seem to disagree and like them. I can get quite passionate when it comes to review, especially of i like the book. I struggle though sometimes with getting what i want to say into written form. That is why i believe my reviews are rubbish.

    It has gone by TOO fast, i have loved it and met so many lovely people in the way. I wish i could have kept up more lol x

  4. My early reviews were a paragraph summarizing the book and a couple lines about me liking or not liking it! It definitely took me a while to find my niche - great tips!

    As for writing negative reviews, in order to keep my blog's integrity, it's crucial that I not worry about posting a negative review. How can my readers trust me to be honest with them if I won't tell them when I didn't like something? I try to keep my negative reviews constructive and I try to find something that I liked - even if it was something minor. Not every book is for every person, so I don't think we should be worried about being the person who didn't like it :)

    Radiant Shadows

  5. I absolutely write reviews about books I didn't like. Sometimes they're the most fun to write! Of course I try not to be malicious about it, but I'm also honest about it.

    Happy ABEA!

  6. Hi! I think we should call it negative reviews than bad reviews. The former, we cannot avoid, it's part of writing reviews. What's important is we write it in a nice way that won't be deemed as a bad negative review.

    Dropping by from Armchair BEA!

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  7. I like your tip about writing reviews. I've been trying to find a format to writing them. I tend to just write whatever I want, and that tends to make them look messy (at least to me).

    As far as a negative review, I will write them if I feel the need to. I tend to only read books that I know I will like though, because I have way too many to get through to read one I won't like. But if the situation calls for it, and I really didn't like a book, I will write a negative review.

    My ABEA post for today


    1. i appreciate having review direction from one of my marketing cos - they want the shorter reviews rather than rewrites of the story! and that makes for a better review + a length readers will actually read :)

  8. I think many of us cringe at our old reviews. EEK I was a bit outspoken, too.. LOL

    But over three years later and I have refined my words a bit. Most of the time.

    my Post for today!

    And I also wanted to say I LOVED ARMCHAIR BEA!! RAH RAH!!

  9. I don't like to think of them as bad reviews but reviews of books that didn't' work for me. If I rate something less than a 3, I try and find a review that's better and link to that. I always make my comments in terms of the book didn't work for me. This is someone's baby and I don't want to rip it apart - just state that I didn't care for it. Doesn't mean everyone will feel that way.

    Thanks for participating!

    Here's my experts say post


  10. thanks for your tips! appreciated .. HaPpY aBEA!
    my tips here

  11. Great advice. To me the essence of a blog is the personality behind the words so I think it's good to be yourself. Of course, that can be shown in many ways depending on your blog's intention.

    I have to admit I'm not keen on writing a "bad" review. I tend to ignore most books that leave me cold but exceptions can occur. That doesn't mean I won't be honest and talk about things I have issues with but I don't set out to destroy a book. I guess I approach reviewing in the same way I learned to critique: No matter how difficult, start and end with something positive to say. Believe me, that can be tough at times but I do try.

  12. I haven't had the experience of writing a negative review yet. I'm not looking forward to it happening either.

    Parajunkee's Book Blogging 101 posts are brilliant and extremely useful for every book blogger, not just the newer ones.

  13. I love how all bloggers approach bad reviews differently. This was a great post, and those of us who aren't up to date learned a lot.

  14. Yes, I review everything, even if I didn't like it. Although my review may say that I didn't like the book, I try to list the reasons why as factually as possible without insulting the book or the author. I'm also aware that other people might like the book so I stress that it just wasn't for me.

  15. I hate writing bad reviews, too. But, as long as you are polite it is not a terrible thing. Other blogs, though, refuse to write bad reviews. I guess it is up to you.

  16. What Valerie said!

    I personally review everything - the good, the bad and the ugly - and I always appreciate the honesty of other bloggers who do the same. As long as it is constructive criticism and people are clear that its a personal opinion, how can anyone say that we shouldn't be voicing our opinions?

    After all, we don't all like the same foods, so why would we all have the same taste in reading?

    Great post :)


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