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#ArmchairBEA Beyond The Blog

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Day 4 of ArmchairBEA and it's been really fun doing this event. I just haven't have a chance to comment on everyone's post YET. But rest assured I shall return all the comments. Say hi to us if you miss our Introduction. There's also an on going Best of 2012 Giveaway and Networking in Real Life. If you still don't have a clue *which probably does already* you can visit ArmchairBEA wbesite to know more about the event.

Todays talk is all about Beyond the Blog.

To be honest even with the blogging experience of 1 year I feel a little bit inexperienced still. I think I have a lot more to learn about the business. Yes, I call blogging a business! I guess you may want to know why?

Blogging as a Business

Business invlolves money and guess what? You need money to buy books! and yet you blog about books which eventually leads into a purchase. Blogging has been part of the business since it started and a great way to be part of the business is to monetize your blog.

Seeing the heirarchy when you blog about something or even talk about it here people get curious, they want to know if you have the same opinion as theirs. Which eventually leads into a sale and starts the whole business. Correct me if I'm seeing it wrong but that is what I know.

Who doesn't want earn money while doing what you love? Well aside from getting free books I think one of the main goals of Bloggers is to monetize their blog at some point. I hope to exclude people who doesn't want to monetize but really who doesn't? At some point you will think of it because I do.

Opportunity in Blogging

Being an established blogger has its perks, oppurtunities awaits to those people who do well in what they do. But apparently as I said I have yet to learn more. We had the oppurtunity and I'm proud to say that we did a Blurb for Mary Ting author of Crossroads.

It's a one in a lifetime experience that an established author comes to you and offers you to get her book blurb by us. We didn't pass the oppurunity and it was really overwhelming. I'm not gloating but it's such a pride moment for myself and my co-bloggers to even muster the thought and then it happened.

I do hope to find more oppurtunities in the future because of blogging. I hope to more professional and be a better blogger in the future. I think it's wise to say this saying "Good things come to those who wait". I hope to gain more exposure because of blogging.

Share us your thoughts what beyond the blog have you experienced.
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  1. Well, said! And I'm happy for your book blurb of Between! :)

    And OMG I love your quote "Good things comes to those who waits" !! I completely forgot all about it! I t's true :) :) Hopefully :P Enjoy aBEA! :) ;)

  2. Good Luck!

    Good things do come to those who wait and perseverance will get you there every time!

  3. I've debated the idea of money from my one time, I was making 400.00 a month with ads, but I felt that I was compromising my blog so I took them off. I just don't want to be commercial when it's everywhere around us. However, making money with my blog when I retire might be a good thing. Especially as teacher pensions seem to be vanishing into thin air.

  4. You make some excellent points! Good luck to you as you work towards blogging more professionally :-)

  5. It's tough making a living as a blogger, but all the best to you. I'm hoping my blog would, one day, give me a nice side income doing something I enjoy - but that's not the "end all".

  6. It depends what you want from your blog; some use it more for networking, which is still business, but they may not be looking for a profit. To profit from a blog I think you need to offer content that readers want: regular reviews, giveaways, interviews. etc.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Networking is very important! share what you love most: Books!

  8. I love your argument, its so valid but in the end (you're right, I have thought about this ;D) I don't want to monetize or become really professional. I just blog so I can talk to other people about the books I liked/disliked haha. Great post!

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies♥

  9. I think whislt I've got other business, so to speak, like a job ect the idea of free books is enough for me for a blog! But if it was my only source of income, then I could see me looking at it.

  10. It must be awesome to blurb the book of someone you've worked with and respect!

    I really love this series that give us a glimpse behind the scenes of blogging:)


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