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#ArmchairBEA Let's Talk About Networking

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Day 3 of ArmchairBEA and still having a blast with all the participants. Yesterday was all about Best of 2012 and Giveaways. You still have a chance to win any of my Best Books of 2012 and if you still haven't introduce yourself come say Hi on my Introduction Post. If you are still at daze on what ArmchairBEA is why not drop by on their website and get to know more about the event

Today's topic is about Networking and the positive experiences of using the blog. Blogging for almost a year now has been a whirlwind of a ride. And I think it has brought me positive things and some negatives along with it.

One of the positive things blogging has brought me is that I got involved more into reading. I have to admit I rarely read before I became a blogger. It was not a regular basis that I read though I love reading but it seems that it was not a priority. But I found a new calling, I enjoy reading and I make it a point to read on a regular basis.

In terms of Networking, I learn how to interact with other people more, social media is a great way of interacting with people with the same interest. Twitter is one of the best way to interact with these people, I became friends with some of my Twitter followers and we constantly discuss about books. I even met them in Lauren Oliver's signing.

(Me, Precious, Kai and Dea)

Another thing I learn about blogging or book blogging in general is that you have to respect other people's opinion. I knew for the fact that people have different tastes in terms of reading. And by that I learn that people may or may not like the books you like. There was this book that I really love and then got a poor rating from other people. I was brooding at the start because I really love it but I learn how to respect other people's opinion and realize that I cannot change their mind about it.

I wish to talk about more of the positive things but I think I'm having the writer's block already. So before I get out of topic or even out of topic even more. I can say that blogging has generally brought me positive things.

What are the positive experiences you had using your blog?
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  1. Yes! Respecting other people's opinions is very important in blogging. We also have to remember we're entitled to our own opinions too. :)

    Social networking is usually so much fun too! I follow a ton of awesome authors on Twitter. :)

    Here are my posts so far for Armchair BEA:

    Day 1 | Introduction
    Day 2 | Best of 2012
    Day 2 | Giveaway | Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
    Day 3 | Networking

  2. That is very cool that you got to meet some of your Twitter people at an event! I think actually meeting some of the people I talk to a lot online would be so much fun.

    Social Media has been awesome for getting in contact with authors and other book lovers.

    I love that your blog has actually gotten you to read more and make it more of a priority.

  3. What a lovely post!

    Respect is definitely a big, big thing to always keep in mind - after all we all want to be treated nicely. It's also great you got meet some of your twitter followers. :)

  4. Great post!! I really do enjoy blogging :) :) I wish also to someday go to a signing :) :) Coming from a small country, that doesn't happen a lot. Or at all. :P Enjoy today! And hope to see you at the Twitter party!! ;)

  5. Great post, glad blogging helped you to read more.

  6. Blogging has definitely helped me with my reading more, now I make a commitment to reading instead of doing it casually and I'm so happy I do that!

  7. Respect is big. Whether someone's opinion is negative or positive, they have a right to it.

  8. I agree! I read much more than I did now that I blog. I try to read enough books per week to keep reviews going on the blog. Before, it was hit and miss. I read, but not a lot.

    The Lauren Oliver signing looks fun. I haven't met her yet, but she's on my list.

    The Flashlight Reader

  9. Great insight and I'm so glad you've caught the love of reading.

  10. I agree, we can't possibly all like the same things! As long as people remember to treat differing opinions with respect, I'm fine if someone doesn't really enjoy a book I loved (although it does make me a little sad).

    Also, totally jealous that you got to go to a Lauren Oliver signing. She's one of my absolute favorites.

    Here's my Armchair BEA Networking Post!!

  11. I think it's wonderful when something that's a hobby brings you joy, a great way to read new authors, and teaches you more about how to network.

    It's great reading is a priority for you! Thanks for sharing what you learned from blogging:)


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