Monday, June 11, 2012

[Cover Reveal] The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell + G!veaway

So many great book covers has been revealed lately and yet this one is another 2013 release! I bring you the cover of The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell. Big Thanks to A Tale of Many Reviews, Alex Lidell and Dial Books for Young Readers for letting us be part of this cover reveal!

The Cadet of Tildor
by Alex Lidell
Expected publication: January 10th 2013

Totally love the cover and it's brownish hue, I love that this is not a typical cover. I find the blurb very enticing but doesn't really give out much. I like the background castle shrouded with black clouds. The wounded arm with a sword which makes me feel that this book is really kick-ass. Overall I like the cover, cannot wait for the release! It seems that we have another 2013 release to look forward to.


Having already survived six years at the Tildor's top military academy, sixteen-year-old Renee De Winter is determined to graduate, training day and night to compete with her male classmates. When the boys overpower her parries, she works harder. When a bully sabotages her gear, she fights without it. But when an underground crime group captures her mentor for its illegal gladiatorial games, she must choose between her career and her conscience. Determined to penetrate the group's inner circles, Renee will leap from academia to the crime filled streets, pick up a sword, and weigh law against loyalty.

About the Author

Alex Lidell is a YA fantasy writer and author of ABNA Finalist THE CADET OF TILDOR (Penguin, 2013). Alex started writing at 2 am.

2 am is when the night turns to introspection, when dorm-room conversations flourish to life. The ones where you ask “what if” - realizing that if an answer seems obvious, then you don’t know the whole story. The ones where you sketch plans for your next project, your future business, your quest for peace in the middle east - or for teaching kids to read - and you know that you can succeed. If you just try hard enough.


Alex is doing two giveaways you can either win a Swag Pack or SAT Vocab Cards
Both Giveaway is open for anyone who has a US Address. SAT Vocab Cards is for Teachers Only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love this cover!

    The colors are great, really makes you feel like you're looking at the castle at sunset and she's getting ready to begin

  2. This seems like an interesting story and I really liek the cover. It's fitting.


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