Monday, June 11, 2012

Playlist Monday #1

Today I'm launching a New Meme and it's called Playlist Monday. I always wanted to hear what songs would authors like to hear while writing a book. What significance would it be for the book and why they liked the song. So this meme has been born.

To launch this meme I'm kicking of with a Playlist of Lisa Burstein's Pretty Amy

"So one of the things I think about sometimes is the song that I would want people to hear before they read PRETTY AMY. Kind of like the song that plays at the beginning of a movie when the opening credits and title rolls.

I know this song. I love this song. And here it is…"


If anyone knows who originally own this meme please inform me so I could properly credit the owner.


  1. I found you through Paranormal Lovin' Bloggers and Authors.

    I love this topic! One of my favorite features on iTunes is their celebrity playlists. I've long wanted to know what authors listen to when they write. Some authors like Rachel Caine put their playlists in the back of their books. But on the rest, we just have to wonder.

    I like the idea of thinking what song would be playing on the opening credits of a book.

  2. I loved Pretty Amy!

    I loved that the story was so real, full of emotion, nothing hidden but also hopeful. I also loved the main character's voice:)

    This is a perfect song for the book, and I think Lisa Burstein really chose a great song to introduce us to the book.

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