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Casting News: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

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City of Bones gets new members in it's growing cast! We now have Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet as Pangborn and Blackwell the evil henchman of Valentine Morgenstern. They join the cast together with Jamie Bower as Jace, Lily Collins as Clary and Jemima West as Isabelle.

Robert Maillet (left) will play Blackwell and Kevin Durand with play Pangborn.
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Clare seems really happy with the news; according to her Tumblr:
I would not want either of these guys mad at me so I’m just going to say that they seem very henchpersonish to me and I am excited to have them on board the project (and be rounding out the cast.)
My Reaction:

Evil Henchmen on the loose! This is totally exciting news! I hope they cast Valentine soon. Clare previously reported that Alec Lightwood has been cast along with Isabelle Lightwood (Jemima West) but was hold off because of the filming schedule. Few things Clare confirms is that:
he’s a British actor, he has dark hair, I’m pretty sure you know who he is, I like him a lot, I’m pleased he’s going to be Alec. He and Jemima are going to be gorgeous siblings.
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I hope they announce Alec soon as well as Simon but according to Clare we won't be getting casting news for Simon until mid-July
Simon’s not cast; don’t look out for Simon casting till mid-July, because of Reasons. (They are good Reasons.)
I'm really looking forward when they finally announce the whole cast. I've been a big fan of the series since the moment I read City of Bones; I also quite RANTED here about the casting of Jace Wayland but I'm quite happy how the casting has been rolling. I hope they start shooting really really soon!

What can you say about Pangborn and Blackwell? Are you excited for the movie?
If not you are totally left out! This book is A MUST READ!


  1. I have not read the series yet but I do plan on reading it before the movie :)

  2. now see I heard the movie production was put on hold or cancelled, I was very dissapointed, cause I love this series and would love to see the movie ,,,thanks for sharing

  3. Very exciting!


  4. Why don't I remember who Pangborn is on the books? Hmmm...This is indeed, exciting news! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I definitely need to read these books. Just got City of Bones on my kindle. I keep hearing so much about the books and movie!

  6. I'm not done reading the whole series yet. Only the first book. But I love the Infernal Devices and I can't wait for the movie! :)


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