Monday, July 9, 2012

Playlist Monday #4

It's Monday and here's another edition of Playlist Monday! Today I'm featuring the playlist of Mayfair Moon by J.A. Redmerski. If you haven't heard of Mayfair Moon before it's time for you to get this book! Please read my review of Mayfair Moon. Here's the playlist made by J.A. herself for her book! If you've read the book I'm sure you can relate on the song, if you haven't I hope you'll be enticed with the good music and decide to grab a copy of this book!

Each song represents a specific scene in the book, but the first song by Florence + the Machine titled 'Howl' is pretty much the song I envision as the theme song for The Darkwoods Trilogy. This idea came about when another blogger (Chapter by Chapter) chose it herself when doing a review. She made the perfect choice, I think! :-)

Florence + The Machine - "Howl"

Howl is The Darkwoods Trilogy theme song for all three books. I chose this one because a reviewer at Chapter by Chapter picked out herself when she was doing a review for The Mayfair Moon and I thought it fit so perfectly that I just couldn't pass it up! The lyrics are spot-on and the song goes so well with the trilogy!

Godsmack - "Serenity"

This is a song I envision at the beginning of The Mayfair Moon when Adria is walking to the park to be alone and away from the abuse and fighting between her mother and step-dad. The song sort of symbolizes not only the obvious based on the lyrics, but also Adria's thoughts and feelings about her life and growing up in such hardship.

Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"

This is more Isaac's inner thoughts of Adria. He's never been in love before and it's hard for him to understand it and to understand the natural process, but deep down he knows that he loves Adria. It's the one thing he's always wanted (love) and even though to others (readers) it might seem so sudden that he admits to loving Adria, Isaac is not human and his mind is different from ours. Isaac is secretly afraid of what Adria will think of him for what and who he is and that he loves her.

Birdy - "Shelter"

I can't elaborate on this scene much without giving anything away, but I can say that it represents a struggle between Adria and her sister, Alexandra. Losing her sister is very heartbreaking and this song is a good representation of that struggle and heartbreak.

Arcana - "Wings Of Gabriel"

This is a beautiful instrumental piece from an underground band that I have always loved. Wings of Gabriel is the perfect music piece for a scene involving imprisonment and escape and a bloody fight in which others die.

Muse - "Unintended"

This song represents a scene with Adria and Isaac having a heart-to-heart near and inside Vaughan Woods.

Natalie Walker - "Waking Dream"

This song represents a scene close to the end of the book when Adria is going in and out of consciousnesses and eventually into a dream where she sees her mother and her sister.



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  1. Thanks for featuring THE MAYFAIR MOON on your Playlist Monday! :-)


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