Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[Guest Post] Writers are people too by J. E. Taylor

Writers Are People Too

Recently, I had an experience that made me chuckle and humble at the same time. One of my fans re-tweeted one of my posts and I thanked her. Her twitter account said she was a writer, so I jumped over to her facebook account to see what genre she writes in.

Well, her status made me laugh. She was nearly gobsmacked that her “favorite indy writer” tweeted her with a thank you note. She may have been floored by the response, but I was even more so seeing my name as that favorite indy writer.

This was really the first time I had this type of response. I’m a regular gal. I respond to emails from fans, usually within hours of contact, but I never thought of myself as someone that warranted that special ‘oh my god, guess who responded to me’ kind of thing usually reserved for celebrities and royalty. I don’t consider myself either. I’m just a hard working mom who likes to write on the side. It’s not like I cured cancer or something important like that.

No, I just have a knack for stringing words together to tell a compelling story, one that some folks find entertaining. So, if you’re a fan, thank you very much for taking a chance on my work and if you’re compelled to drop me a note, don’t be surprised when I write something back.

I have a contact me utility on my website homepage (, so if you want to say something to me, fan or not, please do. I welcome your feedback and I promise, I won’t bite.

Thanks for hanging with me for a bit.

In the meantime, check out Don’t Fear the Reaper, the first book in The Death Chronicles series that I wrote with my twelve-year-old son!

The day Nick Ramsay’s eighth-grade teacher drops dead in his classroom, Nick sees his first reaper.  When another cloaked figure appears at his grandmother’s bedside, Nick issues an order for the vile creature to leave her alone.

This simple act of defiance creates a domino effect that brings Fate and Death to Nick’s door and reveals his true lineage, throwing his world into chaos.  To make matters worse, a group of rogue reapers declares war on humanity and Nick is the only one who can stop them.



  1. Thank you for having me on We Fancy Books!

  2. I still haven't gotten the fact that they canceled "Dead like Me" 8 years ago so "Don’t Fear the Reaper" sounds right up my alley.

  3. Awesome post! For me authors are like rockstars! You bring so much joy to peoples life with the books! :)

  4. Love this post, I always get real gidd when an author respods to a message on FB or even likes one of my reviews!

  5. I love the cover for Don't Fear the Reaper. The book sounds great, too! I love that it means something to her when she hears a compliment by one of her readers, that it doesn't just go in one ear and out the other. I love that she takes the time to PERSONALLY respond to fans, and that she cares about her fans. I love more than anything that she is humble, that she sees herself as a mom first. This is the type of person that I can look up to, and aspire to. Thanks for such a great post, and a reminder that authors really are just people, too. They have feelings, they get angry, they get sad. I think it would do a lot of people good to remember that. Especially if the author, like J.E Taylor realizes readers are the same.


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