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#OBSummer Author's Top Ten with JL Ficks plus Kindle Fire G!veaway

JL Ficks' Top Ten Favourite Things

1) My wife’s sweet side. There’s nothing I appreciate more than my wife’s sweet side. I’m not pretending that our marriage hasn’t been without a few rocky waves, but there is something to be said about my wife’s soft tender nurturing side. She grows sweeter every day like a flower unwrapping her petals. I’m astounded many times at her wholehearted commitment toward our son’s welfare which often leaves me running to catch up.

2) My son’s curious questions. I really enjoy watching our three-year-old discover his new world. I love the way his little eyes light up when he sees something new and he floors me with a profound question that comes out of his little mind. Who could ever imagine that such a young child can think so deeply? There is truly something amazing about children speaking from the mouth of babes.

3) A quiet place to write. There are few things in the world more relaxing to me than sitting down with my laptop and pouring myself into one of our manuscripts. I find it easy to lose myself in the world of Covent and hours, even days seem to fly by with a deep sense of fulfillment. It also makes me feel very productive. I really should get more of our books out soon. We have so much writing done already!

4) Writing big checks. I don’t mean to brag or earn some kind of righteous points for this entry, but I really enjoy the act of giving. My problem is that I have limited funds and my family needs to eat. However, I still work as an insurance adjuster at mega storms from time to time. Insurance isn’t charity. It has rules and it has context, but I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy paying out thousands of dollars to help someone rebuild their lives. Now if only my pockets were as deep as a major insurance company…

5) Brainstorming with my co-author. J. E. and I don’t get as many chances to do this anymore, but brainstorming sessions about Covent always made me feel very alive. J. E. and I are definitely big dreamers and we feed off one another giving birth to new ideas. I’d like to say we still do a lot of this, but the worthwhile demands of careers and marriage and children have limited our time together. Of course, we dreamed up so much content in our youth that I’m still struggling to write it all down over 15 years later.

6) Seeing artists flesh out our world. J. E. and I have been very blessed to have seen so many artists flesh out our world a mere six months post release. I have seen Covent characters in 2D and 3D, in sketches and B&W and full glorious color. Seeing artists get as excited about our project as we are is really enabling us to get our brand out faster. And we’ve only gotten into the small beans so far. I can’t wait to see them draw some of our more meat and potato Triloriad characters.

7) Standing on rooftops. Insurance adjusting put me on thousands of rooftops over the years. Now call me crazy, but I like walking on rooftops. I’ve grown into a very skilled climber. There’s something very empowering about reaching the ridge of a very tall house and looking out across the neighborhood. Plus it’s fun to make some of those roof salesmen look bad as they fail to scramble up the roof after me. Look for some future Covent characters to share my love for rooftops. There is much storytelling potential up there indeed.

8) Studying our world Ever since I had a wakeup call in college and I realized I had a functioning brain, I’ve fallen in love with the study of our world. Science has not just intrigued me, but every dimension of our world…the study of human meaning, origin and existence are now questions I wrestle with. My mind has grown into a sponge which shall be reflected in the world of Covent.

9) People who pronounce Covent right. It’s “CO-vent” not Cuv-ent! Emphasis on the “o” there. It sounds far cooler if you get it right!!! Now say it again with me, “The Chronicles of CO-vent.” There you got it!!! Much better!

10) The smell of a new book. Some of my fondest memories as a child involved cracking open a new book from one of my favorite authors. I remember sitting on many beaches and losing myself in a new book. And the smell of one of my own freshly printed books smells just as nice, if not better.


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