Thursday, August 9, 2012

#OBSummer Guest Post - Better to Have Loved & Lost?

Is it really better to have loved and lost than to never have loved before?
by Celia Kyle

Ah, Alfred Lord Tennyson, how you can spur a debate…

Do you avoid the pain of loss, or does it make you appreciate it all the more?

If it weren’t such a darned hard question to answer, I don’t think it would have ever been asked.

For me, yes. Absolutely.

Simply because it makes you appreciate your next love all the more. It makes you grab onto that love with hands and feet, wrapping your arms and legs around the person and holding on with dear life. No one could tear that love from you while you still had breath in your body and they’ll pry it from your cold, dead fingers.

Now, many could say you’d do that anyway. Which may be true. But, if you’ve experienced that soul deep love once before and then had it ripped from your grasp, you’ll do anything you can to hold onto what you have.

I had a first love way back when (gah, way too many years ago) and I wasso in love. OMG I had to talk to him every day. Squee! I loved him the only way a fourteen year old high school girly could.

And then he broke up with me. *sniffle*

After that horrid heartache, I moved on. (Because I was a total cutie!) And then moved on some more. Then more. Then… ahem. Anyway.

Without those bits and pieces of pain and experience, I never would have recognized what smacked me in the face when I met my hubby.

Love. Right there. It whacked me in the head and knocked me down. Hard.

Good thing for me, hubby cushioned the fall since he was in the same state.

So, yes… love fully, embrace and cuddle every ounce of the emotion and when it wiggles from your grasp you’ll be able to appreciate the next wave even more.


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  1. Didn't we all think we were in REAL love with THE ONE?! Only to have our hearts broken. Then we finally found the REAL one with a soulmate and ahhhh...we got it!


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