Friday, August 31, 2012

#OBSummer Guest Post by John Mellor

The End of The World is Now
by John Mellow

It is an evocative phrase - ‘The End of The World’ - and it has been predicted a few times during my life; on the face of it, unsuccessfully. This gives some hope for disbelieving the current prognosis for December 21st 2012, based on some Mayan calendar that apparently finishes on that day. My last English calendar finished on December 31st 2011, so there is also comfort there. However ...

Those who tout these EOTW scenarios are mocked for making unwarranted assumptions; and the rational cynics laugh. But the cynics themselves make an assumption too: that if the world did end, we would notice it. Pardon?

Well, do we notice when Autumn ends? Or childhood? Neither of these ever ends; they both just gradually change into something else. And perhaps this is what really happens when the much prophesied ‘end of the world’ comes. Rather than a catastrophic event destroying all life on the planet, perhaps the state in which we exist simply metamorphoses, like a pupa turning into a butterfly. The pupa ends, but the life within it does not.

Bob Frissell1 calls this metamorphosis: an ascent of the human race from the third dimension of consciousness into the fourth, after which “A particular aspect of Planet Earth, this third-dimensional aspect that we call our daily lives, will not be intact much longer”; which could certainly be construed as ‘an end’.

Frissell supports this assertion with some strange stuff about beings from the 13th dimension, grey aliens, cosmic eggs of life and so on, and it is easy to mock. But consider this simple statement from a Nobel Prize winner, the physicist Werner Heisenberg: “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.” If we accept that, then all things are possible; including that this ‘higher level of consciousness’ does not actually involve strange aliens at all, or even religious beings sat on clouds with harps, but is being prepared, by us, right now on the planet as we speak. I refer, of course, to the internet.2 3

There is a fascinating paradox here: for all that the digital age seems to be encouraging materialism in the form of endless gadgetry, it is not difficult to foresee an internet that we can connect to without having to carry any shiny black iProducts at all - we will simply tap directly into it using a small wifi implant in our brains and access this gigantic, world-wide gestalt brain as easily as we do our own. We will no longer need material contrivances in order to view pictures and videos, read texts, listen to speeches, travel to distant lands and confer with distant people, any more than we now need them to view things in our own brains. There will be no effective difference between any physical experience on the planet and a real-time immersive 3D video of it streaming direct from the global brain into our own.

The whole planet will effectively become a sentient being, with each one of us an integral part of it, just as each cell in our bodies is an integral part of us. And that must surely rank as ‘rising to a higher level of consciousness’ by any definition. So perhaps ‘The End of the World” truly is now.

1 in his riveting book Nothing in this Book is True, But it’s Exactly How things Are



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