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#OBSummer Guest Post - Hatred, Ridicule & Contempt - For Traditional Publishing? plus Kindle Fire G!veaway

Hatred Ridicule & Contempt – for traditional publishing?
by David Cooper

It all started with John Locke. Not the philosopher, nor the Lost character. The American author who had almost single handedly turned the world of fiction writing on its head, by taking advantage of yet another way in which the internet had transformed people’s lives for the better. E-publishing.

As I read the article about the phenomenal commercial success of Locke’s novels, I remembered that almost eleven years earlier I had abandoned a typescript for a legal suspense thriller, two thirds of the way through my outline. The conventional route to achieving publication, with the need for a sympathetic editor and a persuasive agent, had suddenly seemed all too much of a lottery to merit the investment of further time. And as 2011 approached, the typescript of Hatred Ridicule & Contempt continued to gather electronic dust. Why would any mainstream publisher want to take a risk on a new unknown author when there was easy money to be made from the type of novel that features the name of Katie Price and other such luminaries on the cover?

But Locke’s experience was a wake up call for the long forgotten work in progress. Especially as I had read the article just before embarking on a driving tour of the Deep South, the background for many of John Grisham’s best works. Which led me to conclude once more that a UK based legal suspense thriller ought to merit an audience.

Two months after the tour, I had a completed working draft. In the following six weeks, my wife contributed editorial input, a skilled designer produced my cover – all the way from Australia by email, the miracle of the internet once more – and I learned the formatting and production techniques for the novel to make its appearance via Kindle and Lulu. Teamwork of an unorthodox but effective nature.

Should we mourn the passing of the near monopoly of traditional publishing, yet another victim of the technology revolution? Hardly. Should traditional publishing resign itself to Sackcloth Ashes & Penance instead? I hope so – that’s the title of my follow up, another suspense thriller this time combining law and politics. This will hopefully emerge in the not too distant future, having first started to take shape in early April (how it first came about is another story in its own right). Another triumph for e-publishing.


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  1. Thanks a lot for publishing the interview. Great blog - I'll be adding it to my roll call very soon.

  2. You're now on my roll call of thanks here: -

  3. I am so impressed by Indie authors, self published authors. It blows me away, and I love that it is becoming more and more relevant in the publishing world. All I can say to all of you self published amazing authors is You Amaze Me!


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