Friday, August 10, 2012

#OBSummer Guest Post - Too Emotional?

Too Emotional?
by Marita Fowler

Pouring emotions into your writing will resonate with readers. If you feel like screaming at someone, kissing a secret crush or escaping into solitude - unleash those feelings through your words. Try to capture everything detail of your emotions and thoughts, weaving them into a story. During my research for Fat Bodyguards, I came across some photos and news articles chronicling Mexican drug cartel violence. It was very disturbing. Anger, sadness and a serious need for vengeance fluctuated in my mind.

I harnessed all those emotions into a powerful chapter. I even made myself cry while I was writing out the scene...okay maybe I cried again during editing. But the point is...I didn’t hold anything back. The same goes for humor, excitement, heartbreak, love, etc. You won’t always have these emotional surges, so capitalize on them when they do come along. Oftentimes I use music to take me deeper into the mood too. I’ll find a song that helps me amplify my emotions and focus the intensity.

Here’s a little exercise I use to channel my emotions into a scene:

1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and describe your first feeling. Do you feel angry, sad, sexy, funny, loving, crazy...?
2. Write down one word that describes your feeling.
3. Find a song that amplifies it.
4. Listen to that song and write out a few sentences focusing on your words.
5. Keep playing the song in a loop until you finish with the scene.

Here’s a quick excerpt I just did for this blog post:

Feeling: Sexy
Song: Mercy by Duffy
Scene: High School Auditorium - Concert

My eyes trailed across the stage, following Nick as he finished his guitar solo with a powerful leap.

He landed center stage, raising his gaze to pinpoint me in the crowd.

You again.

The auditorium filled with cheers, but I didn’t join them.

My mind was tingling from his touch.

I’d escaped his seduction once, but I didn’t think I’d have the strength to do it again. Excited vibrations curled through my body while my brain rebelled at his intrusion.

He smiled in triumph before releasing me and disappearing backstage.

Air rushed into my lungs.

“I don’t feel good. I’m going home,” I said, snatching my purse and disappearing before my boyfriend Alex could protest. I’ve got to get away from him, I thought, jogging down the hall.

A tall shadow blocked my exit.

You’re fascinating. I’ve never met a human with your, um, assets.

Flashes of my body simmered inside his mind.

“Stop it,” I said, pushing past him.

The lightest touch of our arms intensified the telepathic feeling, creating a soft glow in his mind before he slammed the connection shut.


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