Thursday, August 16, 2012

#OBSummer Guest Post - Words That Stay

Words That Stay
by Keira Michelle Telford

To me, writing is …

A way to release my personal demons.

From addiction to lust and guilt to grief, Silver (the lead character in my 10-book, dystopian science fiction series) takes all the punches on my behalf. If she wasn’t there to fight all the monsters that lurk in the dark recesses of my mind, I think I’d be driven half crazy by them. Whether she’s drowning her sorrows in liquor, or venting her pent-up anger on some scumbag criminal, she’s always protecting me from myself.

We’ve become quite the symbiotic pair over the years, each drawing strength from the other. I’ve said it before that I’m never quite sure whether I breathe life into her or if it’s the other way around, but either way, the experience of writing for her is always a cathartic one. And in return for all the free therapy I’m getting, I figure the least I should do is promise to tell her story as completely and as honestly as I can.

Even before Silver, I used writing to help clarify my thoughts. I remember there was a lot of poetry in the beginning. I used it to express simple things like how the sunrise feels, and how soft a rabbit’s pelt is. I quickly moved on to fanfic, where I learned how to express more complex thoughts using characters and plot arcs that had already been created by someone else. I explored interpersonal relationships a lot during this phase, ‘cause I’ve always had difficulty connecting with other human beings in real life. When I realized I could create those feelings on the page, it released a lot of my social frustration.

I was probably about twelve-years-old when I started creating my own original material, and using my imagination to build images and characters from scratch. I began with flash fiction, and gradually worked my way up to full-length novels by the time I reached adulthood. Looking back, I think I used my stories to understand the world around me, and to make sense of people.

Without words, I don’t think I’d be able to function properly. Writing isn’t just an outlet for me, it’s a lifeline. It’s my connection to the human experiences and emotions I so often struggle with in my own life, and Silver’s become such a big part of that connection. So much so that I’ve come to realize the enduring love I talk about in my books doesn’t just apply to the relationships between my characters, it’s also how I feel about her.

Keira Michelle Telford


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