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Playlist Monday with Carlyle Labuschagne + Giveaway

Another edition of Playlist Monday is here and I'm featuring Carlyle's Playlist for The Broken Destiny! Gold had a chance to read The Broken Destiny and she just love it! I'll be posting the review later so make sure to check it out! But without further ado here's Carlyle talking about The Broken Destiny's Playlist! Enjoy the music guys!

I'm so thrilled when asked to feature on the Playlist Monday, because if you have been to my website you will know by now music is my muse. But how could I possible give you just one song from my playlist as the songs together make the mood of the book.

First song I chose to feature is Metric - Help I'm Alive. - Love this girl's voice, one of my all-time favorite bands!

The first time I heard this song, it kind of summed up The Broken Destiny for me, and I could see this song as the title song for The Broken Destiny movie (if there should ever be one). To me it's about a girl who is scared, but facing her fears. A girl who is terrified of love but can't be without it. A girl who will do what she has to , to stay alive and fight for what she believes in. A girl who is about to go into a battle with her enemies and possibly herself.

Metric - Help I'm Alive

Second Song - now this song is from my home Country South Africa and in my eyes one of the best rock groups in the world.  The Broken Destiny opens with the lyrics of this song. Because at times Ava feels just like that. That her worst enemy is herself. And oh what has she become? How did it come to this? She is stuck between lies and truths that could or possibly could not exist. Also I was fortunate enough to be granted permission by the band to quote the lyrics in my book, if I promised to deliver a signed copy to them So here it is

Prime Circle - What I've Become

The lyrics mean so much to me in this book

The third song I chose from the playlist while writing the MS - Muse, Butterflies and Hurricanes.

This song is scene specific. A scene where Ava is about to change who she is, change what she will become in order to save the ones she loves. This is where she decides it is her time to face it all, to take on what could possibly destroy her, but she knows she must succeed and rise above the fall - or her entire universe and more could perish. But more than that to fulfill her Destiny she must became what she hates.

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

The fourth song is from the gorgeous band 30 Seconds To Mars.  Infact I think I meditated on their albums during the revisions of this book.

Now this song I only added to the playlist after I had written the novel and started to revise. Also scene specific. When Ava has been resurrected after something horrific had happened to her and to someone she once loved. She hates that she was brought back to life. She can feel the dark side building up inside of her; she feels something evolving that should not be there. She thinks of all the bad she has done, and what that makes her - These lyrics really pull the heart-stings because here Ava doesn't understand why she only now feels alive, but only the hatred and vengeance finally pull her from the wrong she had done. Why did she have to die to begin her Destiny? She knows what she is becoming will kill her and those around her if she does not fight it every step of the way.

Revolve - 30 Seconds To Mars

And finally to end the movie while the credits are rolling.

Meese with Forward motion. I love these guys. This song is upbeat. Ava knows the darkness will always be coming for her and she is ready to take it on. She knows what she is not by now and her Destiny is coming for her.

Meese - Forward Motion

There are so many songs on my play list, each with their own story that relates to Ava's story.

Website for more songs from my playlist



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  1. GOOD LUCK CARLYLE!!!! Lots of love, Emily!

  2. Wow this book will surely be a hit!! Can't wait to get my hands on it :D Nice songs by the way!! I love Resolve most especially! :D

  3. Carlyle is an amazing lady. I can't wait to read it.

  4. Thanks for a great post and congrats to Carlyle on the new release! The place list was awesome! I really liked Prime Circle.. haven't heard of them before... gotta go check them out too!

  5. I want to read this book so bad! Great songs.

  6. What an awesome giveaway with a wonderful playlist for the book! It sounds like a great read, thank you (:

  7. Thank you everyone for stopping by, showing your support xoxo

  8. Nice playlist. I like Muse.

  9. I'm constantly amazed by Carlyle's energy. It's really inspiring. Congratulations yet again Carlyle.

  10. Muse! I love this playlist. Perfect fits.


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