Monday, October 29, 2012

Playlist Monday with Tigris Eden

Hi guys! I haven't been doing Playlist Monday for quite sometime now but I have Tigris Eden, author of Enslaved in Shadows; first book of the Shadow Unit Series. She's here to talk about the music behind her books. I do hope you enjoy this post and the music! So without further ado here's Tigris :)


Where or where do I begin? First I want to give a huge thank you to We Fancy Books! Thanks for allowing me to stop by today and talk about MUSACK! Gotta love the MUSACK!

I do want to warn everyone that my tastes are very eclectic. Music is essential for all kinds of situations. Can I just say that I grew up on musicals? And for those who don’t know the story I thought that was the way people really lived. In a musical! So my first day of school guess what I did? I sang! I sang hello, I sang, can I go out to play, and so on and so on and so on. Yes I am that much of a dork. But What can I say. I was totally clustered away in a four story complex that sat at the edge of huge field. There was nothing to do but watch the local farmer walk by with his hundreds and I mean hundreds of sheep! Germany has beautiful farm country by the way.

Any who lets jump right into the mixing and making of some really beautiful music! This playlist is from my Enslaved In Shadows. I am just going to go ahead and warn you there are tons of songs on my track list, but I am going to just give you my top 6.

Maroons 5’s Secret is what actually had me write this book.. Originally it was going to be a contemporary but it evolved into a werewolf getting it on with a human.

Fink was a big part of my musical selection, but I am only going to give you two from his set. The first song is So many roads… I loved the words and the music and it all rang true for me while writing about Jes’ life. Her emotions and actions were all over the place. So many choices, and doubting herself every step of the way because of all the bad things that happened to her. This was also true for Draven because he had options as well, not as harsh as Jes but choices are choices.

The next song is also by Fink… Nothing is ever finished. I would loop this like, a lot when writing from Draven’s perspective. He’s just so out there and about doing what he thinks should be done. Consequences be dammed.

This next piece is actually kind of urban, like really urban, so urban its GHETTO… But when I listen to this song, Dietrich who everyone only gets a glimpse of is just BAD ASS! His book is going to be a mind sweep of epic proportions. He really is bad ass You will either love the dude or hate him… Chris Brown’s Look at me Now… D is truly a character and well a lot of people may or may not get him. When he steps on the scene he’s literally a dick and doesn’t give a *bleep* what anyone thinks…. (My kind of man btw)

This song was mentioned in the first chapter of the book… You gotta love Benny! The music is deep (not the words so much) the music! It moves through your entire system and then it sneaks up on you with its primal, earthy beat. : Benny Bennassi’s No Matter What you Do. The best part about this song is you really don’t have to move all that fast to get the effect of the music. It's truly an experience.

Royce. When I ever was writing about Royce, it was from an old school perspective. Don’t ask me why, he’s just so cool but in a totally attractive way! When I was thinking of what crazy thing was going to come out of Royce’s mouth I was in a mellow mood. He was just so, Royce! And he’s totally COOL LIKE DAT! Digable Planets.

Well I hope you have all enjoyed my Playlist Monday… You can check me out on my Facebook page and I share lots of my tracks as I am writing, editing, or literally dancing in my living room. There isn’t a time really that I don’t have something playing… MUSIC IS THE FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL! Okay maybe not really but for me its replenishes me.



You can connect with Trigris on her


  1. I find the musack comment post on the part of the blogger, a little offensive.

    To clarify, musack, is the name of a company that plays instrumental versions of hit songs in supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, etc.

    Other term (slang, if you will) for it, is elevator music.

    Tigris, love the playlist btw, very diverse and unique!

  2. Chris Brown is awesome. I love his music. Great playlist! :)


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