Thursday, November 1, 2012

[Guest Post] How It All Started by Chloe Wilson

The Staying Organized Survival Guide – How It All Started
by Chloe Wilson

My childhood was spent in a very organized home. My mother didn't work when I was young and so kept the house in great shape. Later when my father retired due to ill health and my mother went out to work, he took over the housework and it became his obsession. I wouldn't have finished my drink before the glass was gone and washed up. Clothes that I’d taken out of the closet to peruse were in the wash before they’d been worn. As a teenager, this drove me to distraction.

After I left home, I enjoyed living by my own rules where ‘keeping house’ wasn't my top priority. But as I got older and had a family of my own, things began to change. I started buying home and garden magazines and dreamed of the picture perfect houses shown on every page.

Every now and then I would aim for the dizzy heights of the magazine pictures and have a weekend of organizing madness, only to be left with more mess than I started with, if not straight away, then soon after. But setting aside my weekends for these organizing marathons wasn't my idea of fun. I used to dread Saturday mornings as the thought of the big ‘mess’ was completely overwhelming. Even deciding which room, closet or area to start with seemed like a chore in itself.

The ups and downs of these weekends were a source of great frustration and in the end I started blogging about home organization at my website for inspiration and accountability. I soon learned all the tips and tricks for how to GET organized, but found STAYING organized more of a struggle.

I kind of fell into making organizing a habitual part of my day, mainly because I wanted to post to my website regularly. But this really was the miracle cure – it wasn’t until I started tackling small areas on a regular basis that change started to occur.

As the weeks and months went by, my home got more organized and stayed organized. Best of all, spending 15 minutes each day on organizing was becoming as automatic as cleaning my teeth. I knew I could help other people in my situation and so decided to write down my step by step system for how to develop the organizing habit and “The Staying Organized Survival Guide” was born. It is a detailed, practical and doable plan to tackle your clutter and keep you organized. What have you got to lose but a lot of mess?


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