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[Guest Post] Writing to Me is by Dianne Harman

Writing to Me is

by Dianne Harman

I can’t imagine a world in which I didn't write. I've been a voracious reader all my life. Like so many other want-to-be writers, I thought you had to take numerous workshops and seminars and have your work critiqued by other authors before you dared to peck away on the computer. Fortunately, Stephen King jolted me out of that mindset.

My husband happened to read a review in The Week magazine about a book Stephen King had written, On Writing, and suggested I read it. The book blew up every notion I ever had about what one needed to do in order to become a writer. I had always been told that you should write what you knew about. King mentioned people who wrote about science fiction or the future. They hadn't experienced what they wrote about. His main theme is much like the Nike-based advertisement, “Just do it.” And so I did.

People’s stories have always fascinated me. Writing about people’s lives came easily to me. Even so, I had doubts after becoming a writer. How did you write believable dialogue? How did you create a believable love scene? And if you chose to, how should you write a sex scene?

I really didn’t know how to write those things until the story demanded that they be written. To not write them would not be true to what was happening in the character’s lives. I just did it.

To me, writing is the portal to whatever world I choose to enter. The characters, their dialogue, their difficulties, become a world unto itself. As I write, I become immersed in their world trying to help them out of a challenging situation or simply narrating what is going on in their lives.

I remember my husband calling me one day to tell me he was coming home from work for lunch. I was crying as I was writing a scene in Blue Coyote Motel. When he heard me crying, he asked me what was wrong. I told him that such and such had happened in the book. There was a long silence on his end and then he said, “You’re the author. You don’t have to write something that’s going to make you cry.” But I did, because that’s what the story demanded.

Writing to me is like reading a novel. Even though I’m typing it, I’m reading it for the first time. I may have planned on the story going one way, but the characters decided it was going to go another way.

Writing often interferes with my sleep. Many times I’ve awakened in the middle of the night having solved a problem with a character or a scene while I was sleeping. I can’t wait until morning comes so I can put it in writing.

Finally, writing to me is instant gratification. Rarely do we have a chance to immediately see the fruits of our labors. When a writer completes a paragraph, a chapter or a book, the fruits of the labor are right there in front of the author. What a great feeling!


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  1. Its funny when people don't 'get' why someone would want to write, but in many ways writing is a form of therapy.


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