Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Guest Post] Writing To Me Is by M.E. Langlands

Writing To Me Is like giving and receiving compassion.

So here I am writing about my lonely, shy childhood. The thumb sucking six year old who, due to her upbringing, dreamed of pouncing tigers and invading tanks. Here I am in a character who seems to be able to display her shyness and care of animals knowing that this former era of her life has passed and she is calm and more content now. Frizzy, Dizzy and The Brute.

Here is the mother who wants to help her daughter enjoy a beautiful, intimate wedding. The constraints of outside organization are removed and an individual event is planned. No endless booklets of styles or invasion of privacy with other weddings in sight. Home is the key word. Home cooking, home flower arranging and more. The compassion is given to the daughter and the dear reader responds by using these ideas. Do Your Own Wedding

The teacher arrives here. She has tried to teach compassionately but firmly. Her desire to show and help others continues, perhaps to the annoyance of family! She hears about the problems of us all making ends meet. Aah, this gives her the chance to teach again. How to save money. Yes, endless lifestyle methods and hints are remembered. Fun with frugality. Thriftaholic-Live Well, Spend Less.

Here again, a child needs help with reading. In a book, the teacher introduces her pets to the child. Interest in the dogs takes over as drawing, reading and writing practice follow in the tool of assistance, the book. What’s Happening Today Dogs?

So the friend listens patiently to my words of assistance. Having understood, my friend is happy to acknowledge, comment on and possibly turn my words into action in his or her own life.

The compassion of writing.


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