Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie Review: The Life of Pi

I recently got a chance to watch Life of Pi in the cinemas with my sister and I thought I'd share what I think about the movie. Life of Pi delivers a wonderful message throughout the film, I was definitely moved and found new meaning to my life.

There are so many things I would like to discuss about this movie, first is the 'message' of the story. Life of Pi bags a lot of deep and profound message but it depends on how you interpret it. It center through the journey of 'Piscine Molitor Patel'; a human and 'Richard Parker'; a tiger on which we all know is a very fierce and dangerous animal, found hope and salvation through each other. Though the journey is very rough and hard they learned to co-exist, given the fact that any moment the tiger could eat the human, I found new meaning on what courage and hope is. Spirituality is also one of the main point of this movie. There's a moment in the film where 'Pi' questioned his God on what happened to him. Instead of losing all his hope, he found meaning in everything he encounters. He was positive that God didn't just embarked him in this journey with a tiger to learn nothing. If you think of the hardship 'Pi' has to endure you'll find him strong and determined in all his action and decision. I admire him in every aspect and with that I learned to be strong and do not give up in every hardship that comes to life.

I commend the director and the actor for creating this wonderfully picturesque movie.  I admire the actors even though it was such a small cast the message and the acting required seeped through the story. I may sound lame for saying this but I was moved beyond words on how 'Pi' endured his journey. It was a remarkable experience to watch and learn good things about life.

If you're looking for something worth the watch I think this one will definitely catch your attention. Though the story seems mainly about a human and a tiger in one boat; you'll find yourself admiring 'Pi' for his decision to save the tiger.

Life is a journey, no matter what we do we should always think of ways on how we could make it worth the while.

You should definitely watch this movie. It has an uplifting story that you would surely enjoy.


  1. Very nice review. I've wanted to see this.

  2. This movie was so good and sad at the same time. The special effects were AHMAZING

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  3. I haven't read this book yet, unfortunately. Glad you loved it, Jay. :)

  4. great review. i am now looking forward to this movie!

  5. Nice review. It's one of my favorite films of 2012. Here's my review:



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