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[Review] I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

I've Got Your Number
by Sophie Kinsella
Series: Stand-Alone
Published: February 14th 2012
Publisher: The Dial Press
Source: Net Galley
Genre: Contemporary Romance, ChickLit
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I’ve lost it. :( The only thing in the world I wasn’t supposed to lose. My engagement ring. It’s been in Magnus’s family for three generations. And now the very same day his parents are coming, I’ve lost it. The very same day! Do not hyperventilate, Poppy. Stay positive :) !!

Poppy Wyatt has never felt luckier. She is about to marry her ideal man, Magnus Tavish, but in one afternoon her “happily ever after” begins to fall apart. Not only has she lost her engagement ring in a hotel fire drill but in the panic that follows, her phone is stolen. As she paces shakily around the lobby, she spots an abandoned phone in a trash can. Finders keepers! Now she can leave a number for the hotel to contact her when they find her ring. Perfect!

Well, perfect except that the phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton, doesn’t agree. He wants his phone back and doesn’t appreciate Poppy reading his messages and wading into his personal life.

What ensues is a hilarious and unpredictable turn of events as Poppy and Sam increasingly upend each other’s lives through emails and text messages. As Poppy juggles wedding preparations, mysterious phone calls, and hiding her left hand from Magnus and his parents . . . she soon realizes that she is in for the biggest surprise of her life.
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PS: This might contain some spoilers!

I have read two of Sophie Kinsella’s novels before I came across I've Got Your Number so I’m acquainted with how she writes her books. It goes without saying that Kinsella indeed writes one of the best chick-lit novels I have ever read. It’s never boring when it comes to her books. There’s always something to laugh about in her charming characters that you wouldn't be able to put the book down. Thing is, I’ve somehow found a pattern of how her works go. I could perhaps say that I’d know a book written by Kinsella by just reading it [you know, without having to know the author.] So here’s how her novels usually go...

Normal professional twenty-something young woman is put into a situation where she will end up doing something ridiculously hilarious.

But this entertaining event created by our heroine would be witnessed by our male protagonist who is in his early thirties and most definitely in a higher position in a corporate business where our heroine works [or not. In this case, not. But I’m talking about Can You Keep A Secret where the heroines boss was the man she spilled all her dirty little secrets to. That was a funny book too.]

And these two will be trapped in a situation where only they could help each other.

As they embark on their hilarious mission to save the world... not, they will discover something in each other that will pull them together.

Boy falls for girl...

Girl falls for boy...

[Or it could be the other way around... depends on how their characters appear on Kinsella books.]

And then we’ll have a problem that might cost one a life-changing situation, but the other will help and together they will see the brighter future. [Okay maybe it wasn't that dramatic.]

That’s usually how it goes! And guess what, yes, that is how I've Got Your Number went. Surprise surprise. It wasn’t a bad read though. In fact, even when I am well acquainted with a Sophie Kinsella book, I doubt I’d get tired of it. I never grow out of the humor that is in her books. It still makes me smile. In fact, after reading I've Got Your Number, I went on to the rest of her stand alone books. [The shopaholic series was hilarious but since I already watched it on a movie, I decided I wouldn't read it anytime soon. I wish there was a next shopaholic movie though.]

Wonderful books deserve good ratings! And I have to say that I am now officially a Sophie Kinsella fan. [Not that you haven’t figured that out yet.]

PS: Another good thing of reading her books is that I get to learn lots of British terms. Yup now I know what shag really meant. [What? I’m not British!]


I got this book from Net Galley for review, in exchange for an honest review.
It has no way affected my review of the book.


Madeleine Wickham (born 12 December 1969) is a bestselling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. She is best known for writing a popular series of chick-lit novels. The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her own finances. The books follows her life from when her credit card debt first become overwhelming ("The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic") to the latest book on being married and having a child ("Shopaholic & Baby"). Throughout the entire series, her obsession with shopping and the complications that imparts on her life are central themes.
Connect with Sophie on her: Website | Facebook | Goodreads



  1. Honestly, I didn't read your review since it said it may contain some spoilers. I've had this one sitting on my shelf for quite some time now, and seeing that you gave it 5 stars made me even more excited to read it! :)

  2. Sometimes it's all about the author and the way she writes. Even if there is a pattern, we enjoy the pattern. Kinsella ALWAYS makes me laugh, and that's what's important! Great review.

  3. I loved this one! This was my favorite Kinsella book since the Undomestic Goddess...

  4. I haven't read Sophie Kinsella before but I have watched the Shopaholic movie and loved it. I'm with you, I wish they'd make a second one! Anyway, this book sounds really cute!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  5. I LOVE SOPHIE KINSELLA!! This book was awesome :)

  6. I find Sophie kinsella books great to read, I've just finished the undomesticated goddess, definitely recommend.

    Marlene Detierro (CashFund)


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