Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kate Winslet in 'Divergent' Movie?

Kate Winslet is in talks for a role in Divergent.

EW has confirmed an earlier Variety report that Kate Winslet is in talks with Summit Entertainment to co-star in Divergent, the Neil Burger-directed adaptation of the popular Veronica Roth novel that’s due in theaters March 2014.

Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) has already been cast as heroine Beatrice Prior in the YA drama (and intended trilogy), that takes place in a futuristic, dystopian Chicago. The male lead–mysterious and alluring “Four” — has yet to be cast and the studio is mum on the role Winslet is close to taking. But a good guess would be the villainous and brilliant Jeanine Matthews.

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Now aren't we getting so many books-into-movie-tv-adaptation news lately? Deadline reports that Emma Roberts will play as Lena Holoway on the Fox's adaptation of Delirium, we also have a cast for The Book Thief which is looking oh so good. And now we have casting news for Divergent! Isn't this one bit exciting news? I was quite literally screaming my heart out knowing that Shailene Woodley will play as Beatrice Prior but now we have none other than Kate Winslet pinning for a role in the movie!

Come on guys who doesn't like her in Titanic? I'm a big fan of hers and knowing that she's in talks of being in the movie makes me just want to jump for joy. I think she's a good actress, I believe that she'll do well for the movie though please don't miss judge my bias-ness I just love her to pieces. I wonder who else would they cast? I hope Four will be someone... new? I think it's an overkill if they cast a known actor for the role. But knowing an actor/actress is in talks on being in the movie doesn't necessary means that he/she will get the part.

While we're all excited for the cast and the movie itself the final book of the Divergent trilogy; in which is currently untitled, has a release date already! The third and final book will be out October 22, 2013!

What can you say about Kate Winslet being in the Divergent movie? What faction would she be in? What do you think of Shailene Woodley as Beatrice?


  1. I think Shailene is a good choice for Tris. I'm not sure where Kate Winslet would fit in. Maybe Tris' mom...

  2. I'm in what seems to be the minority of people who are okay with Shailene as Tris. I'm SUPER curious to know what Kate Winslet would/will play though.... I'm also super curious to know who will end up playing Four! :)

  3. Kate Winslet is perfect for Jeanine Matthews, but I'm not at all happy with the casting of Shailene for Tris. She's not who I pictured in the role; however, I'm willing to bet that she'll win me over in the movie. At least, I hope so.

  4. I'm good with Shailene as Tris :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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