Monday, March 25, 2013

A Very Late Post: Tahereh Mafi Signing Recap

This event happened last March 2nd 2013, but you know what they say, better late than never right?

I guess you guys must have read everything about the signing on other blogs but I'm here to share my experience so please bear with me.

I went to Glorietta 1 early to meet my co-blogger Gold, she's awesome enough to accompany me to the signing. I was there a bit early before the event proper because I'm totally aware that people might flock the event just like the last signing event I attended, Lauren Oliver's signing was totally jammed packed. So basing from that experience I made sure to be there extra early just to be able to register. But I was totally awestruck with the number of people lining up just to register and have their books signed. I totally endured the long line just to register, the line was extra long and it seems that the amount of people lining up to register won't seem to stop. They even have to stop the registration for a few minutes just because they can't accommodate enough people and that the place was totally jammed packed with eager Shatter Me fans. With a bit of patience I was able to register before the event start.

Having read Shatter Me (and recently the sequel Unravel Me) and a self professed Team Warner, I can consider myself a big fan of the series. It was a fan girl moment when Tahereh Mafi was finally introduced and took center stage. As she was being interviewed I learned a few things about her and her books and failed attempts in writing. She was totally down to earth and told the audience about her failures in writing and that she has written 5 manuscript before she wrote Shatter Me. There's also big ohh and ahhs from the audience because of some Team Warner and Team Adam questions. Who would end up with who? Would it be Adam or Warner? That's one answer I can't bear to hear. I'm a bit torn between the two but I guess no matter who ends up with who , I'm more than eager to read on how she'll end the series. She also mentioned that the title of the 3rd Book is currently Untitled Me on which garnered a laugh out loud from the audience.

Ohh and did I mention that Ransom Riggs; author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children's was also present in the event? I was totally NOT aware that he was there but I was kind of surprised since he'll be signing on another bookstore the next day.

By the end of the day I got my books signed and Gold's Miss Peregrine's. 

I forgot to mention that she'll be writing another enovella, I wonder who's POV would it be? I'm really hoping that it would be Adam's POV this time. Destroy Me was written from Warner's POV and gave us insights on how he thinks and how he feels for Juliette. I want to delve into Adam's thought this time.

If you're reading Unravel Me or is planning on reading it, one piece of advice... look out for Chapter 62!!!

Thank you NBS and Tahereh for the wonderful event! Hoping for more event soon!

To my co-blogger Gold, thank you for being so awesome!

Picture credits to National Bookstore

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